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Topic - 1500 to repair car or spend on a used car, is so which?

Jimbo W on 21 Nov 2012
Our 1999 1.4L petrol 5 door honda civic bought for 2500 in 2005 has taken us from 43k miles to 198k miles. Its been a worthy car that until recently has cost us very little. Over the last three months issues have arisen. We have a patch that is working on the oil sump. The suspension probably needs dealt with as it is low. The central locking is broken, not sure why. There is some rust appearing and somehow from somewhere.. ..can't work out where, there is water getting into the foot well on the left hand side.

We need a car to get to work etc, and do quite long distances frequently. We have little more than 1500 at our disposal. What should we do, go with better the devil you know, and patch our car as best we can (how much does suspension cost) or find a used car for the same money. The key attributes for us are reliability, esp into higher mileage (as we believe in the ecology of driving cars into the ground), and as good an mpg as can be achievable.

Help and advice is greatly appreciated from those who are in the know or have had to make similar decisions!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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