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Topic - You've got to admire the Telegraph...

Pursued by a bear - on 21 Nov 2012
...for giving people a forum to spout arse. Following the recent Bishop's outpourings on the eclipse, we now have this: "the law on drugs should not be based on evidence".

Whilst one may, or may not, support his stance that all drugs should be decriminalized and it is for the public to "exercise their moral powers" over whether to consume them or not, his earlier questioning of "Why is it any more right for a man of science to say “Yes, this drug may be permitted, but this one may not” than it is for a man of the cloth to say “Thou shalt not smoke dope”?" does rather miss the point; scientists advise about what drugs do, politicians decide on their legality or degree of illegality.

Still, it may make the Telegraph a more interesting read henceforth, should they decide that they don't need evidence of things happening in order to report news about them...

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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