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Topic - Finger & Wrist Strength - Minimal/no equipment?

lewys-edwards - on 22 Nov 2012
Hi guys, i'm looking for some help on ways to build finger and wrist strength with minimal/ no equipment. I havn,t got a finger board so i'd like to here other ways you guys have been able to strengthen your fingers and wrists at home.
I'm a strong believer in the benefits of calisthenic training (only using ones own body weight to build strength and fitness i.e pushups, pull ups, squats etc) so ideally im looking to do the same for my fingers.

I've done abit of research into this but it's often hard to find any definitive exrcises online as the finger and wrist strength doesn't really come into mind for a great deal of other sports bar climbing. (so it seems anyway)

I have tried using those grip strengtheners where its like two handles with a thin coiled metal bar between them so as you squeeze them together they spring back out but the pump i experience from this doesn't feel like the kind of pump i experience climbing so i'm not sure if it's targetting the right muscles/tendons or not.

If anybody knows some home exercises that they have found to work please leave a comment with what they are or explaining how to do them, it would be very much appreciated.
Thanks alot,
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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