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Topic - Transphobia

confusicating on 24 Nov 2012

This past week has been Trans* visibility week. A week in which folk try to raise awareness about the difficulties Trans* people face in day to day living. Transphobia is everywhere, and even people who are not transphobic often do not know how to act around Trans* people, or how to show themselves as an ally, or even how to act in order to not make a Trans* person feel uncomfortable (with gender pronouns etc).

The Transgender day of remembrance was on the 20th Nov. It commemorates all the people who have been murdered for being trans* (of which there are many). And serves as a reminder that so many folk are killed of harassed or abused (mentally or physically) for this reason.

I mean, it really is an outrage that there is so much transphobia out there, even in the most liberal of minds. This week alone I have countered 3 people being transphobic, all who have taken it as a joke. As approximately 1/3 of trans* youth have tried to commit suicide at some point in their lives I would really hope that peoples attitudes were less blasť.

Here is a good website with lost of information about the problems that trans* people face, why you should counter transphobia and what else you can do. (click on the poster and it will be a photo reel)

So what do you think? Do you counter transphobia? Do you let it slide?

Or do you too think it is funny to lift up a womans skirt in a nightclub because 'they've got a dick up there'?

Let's talk about it!

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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