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Topic - Lead Fall gone wrong.

Tommyads on 30 Nov 2012
Went climbing this evening, tooks some falls. As you do.

One fall I remember really well. I remember falling and realising my right leg was wrapped up in the rope. I moved my leg mid fall to stop inverting and then hit the wall all on my left foot.

Not sure exactly but I landed on either a volume or a hold. It hurt a fair bit but nothing I haven't felt before. I nursed my foot for a second then finished the lead.

In fact I took another fall near the top of this route and a few later on. Then some falls off a traverse wall with no matting. I was fine.

Went home had some food and watched some tv went to bed and within 10 minutes my ankle was unbearable. This was a good 2 hours after the session.

For the past few hours i have been icing with peas (had to crawl to the freezer) and deciding if i should go to the emergency room or try to sleep it off.

I am posting here because i cant sleep because of the pain and want to kill time, and also want to know if this is normal?

Anyone else had a similar trauma that lies dormant until later? Im thinking the adreneline from the fall maybe had an affect? I dont normally get adreneline from indoor lead falls but seeing my leg wrapped up must have done something.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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