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Praise be to Fiend, who has written a very fine guide to New Zealand climbing that you can find at http://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/nz1.html . And if you're headed over there and need something for the crags, it's also available as a PDF download in three parts.

Enjoy. And kudos to Fiend, who shows some talent at this sort of thing.

Nick Ward - on 29 Jul 2003
In reply to Charles Arthur, UKC Editor: good job he has some climbing talent then - even if it is just writing about it
Michael Ryan - on 30 Jul 2003
In reply to Charles Arthur, UKC Editor:

Good job (top job) Fiend. I enjoyed that. Another place to put on my ever expanding list of places to visit....I only wish those kids would grow up faster.....so they'll appreciate it more when we visit.

Nice tone too.

Verdy green.

DazMan - on 30 Jul 2003
In reply to Mick - Rockfax USA:
> (In reply to Charles Arthur, UKC Editor)
> Good job (top job) Fiend....

Seconded ( I wish. I aspire to following him up an E0!).

Good stuff Fiend, invaluable info' for those lucky enough to get the chance to climb down there.

Offwidth - on 30 Jul 2003
In reply to Charles Arthur, UKC Editor:

I wonderered where he dissapeared too and why he has come back so miserable.

Well done Fiend.
rich on 30 Jul 2003 - whois?
In reply to Charles Arthur, UKC Editor: nice one and nicely done - i'm out there on holiday next year which gives me about 12 months to convert mrs rich . . .

ok then, i'm sure there's some bouldering
Mike-N on 30 Jul 2003 - whois?
In reply to rich:

fine effort, has anyone elso noticed how froggatt is described as having "shiny new ringbolts". contravertial... :-P
alex on 30 Jul 2003 - whois?
In reply to Mike-N:

And if anybody's interested, more pics of castle hill and the mysterious Fiend online at:

cornishben on 31 Jul 2003 - []
In reply to Mike-N: don' t see anything wrong with replacing the dodgy old ones that were there ..

Fiend - you mention itsy bitsy spider at smith rocks - great route - did you do the 21 up the prow that forms the outside of that route ?? bolted by me and a mate on our 8mth NZ trip in 1999. Plus bolted another great line across the field up a wave shaped wall which gradually steepens (The Wave 21). After we'd done them Bryce said they were the next two lines he was going to bolt when he had time!
Fiend - on 31 Jul 2003
Thanks for your comments.

An important note:

The individual crags in the Wharepapa area (e.g. Bayleys etc), Port Hills (e.g. Jane Fonda etc), Banks & Queenstown are not individually that important, in those cases it is the areas themselves that are important but the crags have points worth mentioning. I don't think the formatting shows this well but Charles wasn't able to change it before he went away for a bit =/.

In reply to rich:

Bouldering, yes. Best areas would be Castle Hill, Wharepapa Area, Castle Hill, Wanaka & Queenstown, Castle Hill, Elephant Rocks, and, err, Castle Hill. Generally lots to go at throughout the grades and usually good landings too, for the matless. See http://www.cactusclimbing.com/powerband/ for more info.

In reply to BMC Alex:

Oh thanks for posting that Alex, good to have some more photos to sell the climbing there.

In reply to Ben:

Nope didn't do either of those, wasn't really climbing 21 in the Wharepapa region =/.
Jack on 31 Jul 2003 - whois?
In reply to Fiend:

Thanks Fiend, extremely good guide, the best Iīve seen.

I just got the Posing Pruductions guide about a month ago, itīs pretty poor. Wish I hadnīt bothered now!

May seem like a wierd question but is Ef in Brazil at the mo?

Cheers Jack.
Fiend - on 31 Jul 2003
In reply to Jack:


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