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Topic - Siurana wild camping / van dossing - respect please

ali k on 02 Dec 2012
I went up to Siurana earlier this week and was pretty appalled by what I saw in the main car park at the top. In the four and a bit years I've lived here and been visiting regularly it was the worst I've seen it in terms of lack of respect for the villagers.

There always have been a few vans parked up in the various lay-bys over the years but in the last couple of years especially the Costa Daurada crags have seen a huge rise in popularity. Van dossing and discrete wild camping have always been tolerated, but there is a point at which it will no longer be that way. The Spanish are as bad as anyone for lack of respect when camping / van dossing so this rant is by no means restricted to visiting climbers but there were several vans on UK plates in the car park - one of which had their gas bottle and tarpaulin still spread out while they were presumably off climbing. Please lead by example and have a word with anyone who is behaving irresponsibly and leaving stuff out while they go off climbing. Just because it's currently tolerated does not make it acceptable.

Examples of behaviour I saw that I personally deem unacceptable include:- (remember this is on one visit - imagine seeing this day in day out when you live there)

- Tents still pitched at 10.30am (in the main tourist car park FFS!)
- Washing line strung up between tree/van with washing left hanging up to dry during the day.
- People coming out of the forest or wandering round the car park with bog rolls in their hand (hmmm I wonder where they've just been)
- Chairs / tarpaulins / stoves / pots / rubbish bags etc left out during the day next to vans.

Considering this is all in the main visitor car park for what is a very popular tourist spot (not just climbers) and only 100m away from the village. Popular with walkers, sightseers, restaurant goers - all of whom actually spend money in the village rather than just do a massive Lidl shop and then doss in the car park for a week or two whilst sh*tting all over the forest and contributing nothing to local business. It honestly looked like a traveller's site when I arrived there in the morning.

Sorry for the rant and tarring everyone but visiting climbers have a part to play in this and should act responsibly.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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