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Topic - Arming children (...OK, really a knife for a cub scout)

My eight year old has joined the Cubs (actually in Finland they just seem to call it Scouts for all ages but anyway...) and on their first camping trip the gear list included a puukko, the traditional Finnish sheaf knife. He borrowed mine for that weekend, but it's a bit of an ungainly beast for small hands plus has sentimental value to me so we're going to buy him his own knife for Xmas.

What do British Cubs and Scouts tend to recommend these days? I've read their policy on knives but it doesn't say anything about recommended types. Google just seems to find the Bear Grylls branded ones - if Grylls has a saving grace it's his support for Scouting, but I'd still not want to buy something branded by him!

I would have thought a small pen knife like a swiss army would be sensible for a first knife for kids; I'm not really sure if Finnish scouts say puukkos because it's tradition of that they think they are safer for kids. Any scout leaders or parents of cubs/scouts got any thoughts?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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