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Topic - Women can't be Bishops - part 3 (coel's existential crisis)

Jimbo W on 03 Dec 2012
Established so far:
1) Women should be bishops and the CoE are mad / undemocratic / it'll happen sooner or later. The news is greated with gladness by Coel, who thinks the church have undermined themselves again... ...which is unfortunately true.

Moving on from that rather easy to resolve issue, we have also established that:
2) Coel defines existence in a circular way, with reference to existence or existing things, whether intuited or not. In contrast, I deny the possibility of defining existence because of its nature as a primary intuited truth that all have some appreciation of
3) The question is still open as to whether reality is layered, and what the means if it is (hopefully Tim and Gordon will be able to help us at somepoint here)
4) Are all things that exist necessarily physical, and if so, do these things only need to be in potential causal chains A-Z, even A cannot cause Z due to, for example, relativity, and the universa's expansion etc

There is more discussion to be had here, so here are the old threads:

Please have a quick skim and give us your thoughts....
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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