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Topic - Jeremy Vine today, reporting drink drivers

Denni on 03 Dec 2012
On Jeremy Vines show today they had a bit about reporting drink/drunk drivers to the police.
A few people had reported members of their own family which has resulted in jail time, big fines and divorce.

A couple of years, I started a thread on here after I reported a friend who was paralytic and thought nothing of getting in her car and driving. She had done this a couple of times and had it in her head it was ok as she was fine driving drunk. I told her that of course I didnt agree with this and would no qualms reporting her which I eventually did and then got loads of abuse. Obviously, we are not friends any more which doesn't bother me.

After I posted this, good old UKC reaction, some people disagreed with me and seemed to think I should just keep my nose out and let her get on with whatever she wanted to do and forget about any moral obligation.

So then, after today's show, who would happily pick the phone up and report someone. I have no qualms in doing this at all and before anyone asks, any of my or my wifes family members wouldn't be that stupid to do it so I would never be in that situation.

Let's see if someone disagrees and how they think they could justify not doing it bearing in mind the potential consequences and not adopting the "well nothing happened" attitude
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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