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Topic - Winter Boot Camp

mmmhumous on 06 Dec 2012
Iíve booked a 2 day winter-skills and climbing course for myself and some of our club in the new year. The second day is pretty much sorted, as weíll be climbing stuff in pairs (each with their own instructor) with grades dependant on each pairsí ability and previous experience.

For the first day though, weíve only got one instructor between the six of us. Any ideas on what the best use of this day would be? i.e. which winter skills/ mountaineering skills should we get them to focus on?

In terms of the group's current experience:

-Two people are proficient on Grade II-III
-Three have no winter experience.
-Iíve only done some woefully ill-equipped summer Alpinism
and a bit ofindoor ice climbing and dry tooling (well splintering sections off a telegraph pole with blunt axes whilst feeling rather sea-sick),
-All the group are however proficient at summer fell-walking, and lead at least severe outside and 6a indoors.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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