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Topic - I get blamed for senior colleagues' clumsiness. What to do?

OneLifeOneHeart - on 08 Dec 2012
You may wonder why I ask on a climbing forum, but
1. This may be the most mature discussion board I have found in my entire online life (discussion quality, contribution, respect for different opinions/requests)
2. I have searched the internet for long and there seem to be no daily active forums about on-the-job issues - most deal with CV-writing and interview preparation.
3. The better I do my job, the more time (and resources) I will have for climbing :)

I am in my mid-20s, a recent graduate and at my current employer since less than a year. Since I am good at organizing (and maybe because I am friends with everyone in our team), our manager started delegating to me most team coordination responsibilities.

Just about the same time I joined, a new senior professional joined, too. We became friends quite soon, but I always had the impression that he was not giving much weight to what I said professionally since he is older and more experienced.
Even though he and I are both responsible for some of the most critical processes, he does his share of things on his own and doesn't like to discuss work-related things with me - but he does so with everyone else in the team!

In the recent weeks, this has caused some big trouble. The following scenario occurred multiple times:
- our manager asks me to ensure that the critical processes are ready for the next day
- I tell the senior guy, who tells me:"Okaaay, I'll do that..."
- The next day, I ask the senior guy whether he is ready and he confirms he did.
- Our manager finds out that it is actually not done and asks me why.
I never pass on the blame, but often speak as "we may have missed because..."
- I tell the senior guy to do it as it's urgent
- He is still super-relaxed, reading some online news website and asks "Is it actually that important?"

We missed out on loads of critical processes because he doesn't react to my instructions.
But what upsets me is that he first says that he will do it, but then doesn't, and then goes around helping others in the team.

I never like to tell on people, nor ruin friendships (even at work), but since I am accountable, I am obviously giving my boss the impression that I am the clumsy worker here - and he may soon regret giving me more responsibilities.

And maybe I am - maybe I should be more strict with the senior guy, even though he is more experienced?

I am scared to cause more tension, but would appreciate your advice on how to solve this.
If you do have resources or know other places where I might ask this anonymously, I would truly appreciate that.

Thank you
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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