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Topic - Climbing/sports physio in Cardiff?

Gemma - on 17 Dec 2012
Hello UKC collective!

The short version - any climbing/sports physios in Cardiff that anyone would recommend? =)

The long version, in case there are any bored physios on here....Last year I broke my ankle and tore one of the ligaments. 13 weeks in plaster, a ton of physio later and I was released by the physios in August. Then, in October this year, I managed to break/badly sprain (the doctor wasn't sure. Either way, plaster cast for 6 weeks!) the same ankle. Gutted doesn't quite cover it, especially as I was assured there was only a teeny tiny chance of me re-injuring the same ankle.... =(

I'm currently waiting for physio on the NHS, but after having the doctors appointment from hell this afternoon (the best thing for my injury is not to put any weight on, to avoid sport and he reckons it'll be weak forever and plague me in my old age) I'm wondering if coughing up for a sports physio might help recovery?

Cheers for reading and any help/advice.

Gemma =)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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