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crustypunkuk - on 19 Dec 2012
Hey all,
I have a 15 month old Beagle bitch, who is brilliant. For some time we have been thinking about getting another Beagle companion. We've been offered a 5 year old rescue bitch. We've met her, and she seems like another great dog, but we don't know how they'll both react to being together in the house after both being used to only human company. Does anyone have any experience of similar situations? Any tips to take the tension out of their first few days together or how to ease the inevitable arguments?
In reply to crustypunkuk: Just do it. They'll sniff each other's arses and that'll be it.
Queenie - on 19 Dec 2012
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Take care with feeding - keeping them a good distance apart at meal times - as they can be a potential flash-point.
crustypunkuk - on 19 Dec 2012
In reply to Queenie: Yeah, that was the biggest worry- whether to separate them at feeding time or not. Like i said, they are both dogs with great temperament, but they are both used to being only dogs, and the centre of attention which makes me worry about the potential for taking a dislike to each other as a result.
rogersavery - on 19 Dec 2012
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let them meet and get used to each other on neutral ground
marsbar - on 20 Dec 2012
In reply to crustypunkuk: I agree with that, and if possible have them meet several times so they can play together before moving in. See how that goes.
Mark Edwards - on 20 Dec 2012
In reply to crustypunkuk:
The first thing I would do is take them for a long walk together just to get them used to being in each otherís company. Start off by feeding them separately with the new one locked in a separate room and eventually leave the door open then gradually move the bowls closer together. If one tries to steal the others food or push their way in, then (gently) correct the behaviour to show it isnít allowed.
Owner of a rescue Akita (ex-yard dog and guard dog, who had some issues) and recently an Australian Shepherd companion for him, wasnít my first choice but one who accepted him and was accepted by him, so who am I to argue?
crustypunkuk - on 20 Dec 2012
In reply to Mark Edwards:
Funnily enough, that's exactly where i've just been- on a long walk in the rain with them both. They seem to be fine together. My young one is slightly jealous when the new dog lies next to me, and i may well have to follow your advice with regards to feeding, but i'm well pleased with the initial signs.

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