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Topic - Dogs for the indoor/outdoor life

Tall Clare - on 20 Dec 2012
Hello all,

I know there have been a few threads about this but everyone has different requirements, right?

We want to get a dog, and we're pondering the different breeds. I've been looking through some of the old threads on here, as well as researching elsewhere.

Some disclaimers: I work from home so the dog wouldn't be left alone for long periods. We've both grown up with dogs, so we have a sense of what's required, and will be taking the time to do proper training etc. We have cats, and I know from experience that cats and dogs can get along perfectly well, as long as the dog isn't a known cat-killing breed like a greyhound, for instance. We also have young(ish) children in the house.


We'd like a dog whose provenance is known, as much as possible - i.e. not a rescue dog. Both our cats are from the RSPCA, and future dogs would be, but whilst we have young children in the house, and these cats, I feel more comfortable with a puppy (again, rather than a dog) from a happy home. We're happy to have a cross-breed but it would be good to have some sense of what the cross is!

In time, we'd like to be able to take the dog out running/mountain biking, so we're looking for something reasonably athletic.

I know it goes against the UKC grain, but we wouldn't have a collie.

At the moment we're thinking about vizslas, weimaraners (but not pointers as they have cat-killing tendencies, evidenced by the thread a couple of months ago), springer spaniels... are there any other breeds we could investigate?

My partner's just mentioned boxers, as he's partial to them - anyone got one they take out on the hill?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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