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Topic - Catholics use Christmas to launch homophobic campaign

stp - on 25 Dec 2012
A great story that the Christian apologists on here should really take note of before going on about religion being all about peace and love and harmless etc.

The head of the Catholic church in England, Archbishop Nichols has launched an attack against same sex marriages being introduced by the government. He attempts to disguise his attack by saying the bill has not followed the proper democratic procedures. Since when were Catholics into democracy? What a joke. The Catholic church is about as fine an example of a non-democratic institution as you're likely to find. How many Catholics got to vote for the pope or even Nichols himself?

If he wants to go on about democracy he should at least be making some pretty serious attempts to democratize his own house first.

And if he believes that church and state should be separate he should keep silent and not use his powerful position to spout his homophobic rubbish and try to foist his outdated religious beliefs on the whole country.

He goes on about marriage being a Christian institution as if non-Christians don't get married. Duh! Perhaps he hasn't noticed that Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus agnostics and even atheists get married. Marriage is a legal contract that confers various things like tax advantages.

This story epitomizes everything that is wrong with religion.

Some people say that holding onto retarded archaic ideas is fine, people can believe what they want to believe. That's only true to extent that those beliefs don't impinge on other people. But throughout history, certainly with Christianity, that's never been the case.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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