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Topic - Soft contact lens removal advice

Martin W on 04 Jan 2013
Reference my earlier thread on the subject of contact lenses, I have now discussed the question with my optician and they have provided me with a trial pack of multifocal contacts.

I've tried the lenses in the shop a couple of times, and I've found putting them in to be quite straightforward. Unfortunately I have so far completely failed to take them out on my own so, understandably, they won't let me take them home to try to get used to them.

I've been to the shop a couple of times now to be shown how to do it but so far I've not been able to get the things out. It doesn't help that I am particularly squeamish about eyes: I actually had to sack off my appointment yesterday evening because the thought of it was making me feel ill. (I probably shouldn't have tried watching those online videos of people happily taking their contacts out with nary a care in the world!) The result is that each failed attempt makes makes me even more tense and uncomfortable and I eventually have to give up and let the optician take them out for me (which, annoyingly, he did this morning with no drama whatsoever on my part).

I've managed to move the lens off the cornea a few times but I can't seem to get any kind of a grip on it to get it off the eyeball altogether. I get no tactile feedback through my fingertips on what the lens is doing (it probably doesn't help that I climb, play guitar and do other things which toughen up the skin on my fingers) and looking in a mirror as I stick a finger in my eye just makes the squeamishness worse.

Has anyone got any advice which might help me to get the hang of it?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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