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Topic - Losing Things!

r0x0r.wolfo - on 04 Jan 2013
I'm pretty good with my climbing gear actually, I basically have memorised numbers of nuts/cams etc and do a check before I leave the crag.

However, personal items I'm a bit worse with. The most annoying one, is that I lost 15 quid yesterday somehow, with a fiver of that definitely being left in a self service machine in tesco. Well came across the same situation today and saw the note coming out and was thinking "right I'm 'avin that fiver this time". Somehow I left the shop without it, 5 seconds later I check my pockets outside the shop and its not there. Obviously I go straight back in and someone has decided that it's better off in their pocket.

Can't understand, thought I took it out but actually can't remember at all. It's like I blacked out or something, very weird. Not lost a lot of cash money over the years but do seem to lose bus passes etc and forget where I leave stuff immediately after having it. The worst is shampooing your hair, forgetting then doing it again.

I hate when people who lose things get told to "concentrate more" or be more responsible, but I'm not sure if that was possible today as I was well determined to leave with that fiver! Maybe I put it loosely in my hoody pocket and it was lifted or just fell out.

Anyone else lost something? Or find themselves searching around there house a dozen times a week for their keys or something. I'm that wanker who keeps his keys on a full sized carabiner on my belt loop! Not lost them since though (permanently... :P)!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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