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Topic - Grief - What Did You Learn From It?

omerta on 12 Jan 2013
Following on from this thread - - which ties into what I was thinking of posting about yesterday, I was wondering what people had learned from grief. Did it help you to see things in a different light? Were there positives you gained from going through it?

Just to give a bit of background, I'm 33 and lost my dad almost 4 months ago. It's made me more ruthless, more selfish, more disinclined to care about things which previously would've had me worried and upset, and that's translated into interactions with other people; I'm more intolerant of problems which people can change but yet get terribly bound up in; when confronted with a death, you understand the nature of not being able to go back, to apologise, to say something else, to behave and to interact differently; that chance is gone forever. So, I'm possibly a little less sympathetic on one hand, but immensely compassionate towards people who are grieving. And I'm more appreciative of people who've shown their friendship to me, whether I knew them well before or not, because on the other side, I had some 'really good' friends send a single text before disappearing. A real eye-opener, but mostly in a positive way

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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