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mikestr555 on 15 Jan 2013
best place to go in scotland for climbing mainly around the severe grade in June. I was hoping for some place midge free thanks mike
Mark Bull - on 15 Jan 2013
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Are you looking for mountain routes or cragging?

Midges will be a hazard by June. Searching for a breeze, going high or to the coast are all useful tactics, though.
tom_in_edinburgh - on 15 Jan 2013
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Skye. Going with a local guide and letting them choose the best venue on the day will help with avoiding midges.
In reply to mikestr555: June hasn't been a midgie problem for a number of years compared to 20 years ago IMHO but i do carry a midgie suit all the time in case- best investment you can make. Don't camp would be my suggestion; sorry to all campsite wardens. Exposed to breeze is key to choosing well. On Skye upper cliffs at Neist, mountain crag in the sun (intense sunshine keeps them off too). Sea-cliffs ok most places if away from weedy beaches.
isi_o - on 16 Jan 2013
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I agree with Mike - midgies aren't usually *too* bad in June. July and August much worse... But they can be if you get damp and calm conditions. They can be as bad everywhere - the ones in the west tend to have teeth, but the east can be just as bad on a bad midge day. As has been said, go high and look for a breeze, and seek out places that have had a couple of days of dry weather.
Personally, I'd try and plan it so I didn't have to decide where I would climb and could be mobile - get a camper van for the trip maybe - Big Tree Campervans and others do hire. That way you can go wherever he weather is best. Put together a hit list from NW/ Skye/ Glencoe/ Cairngorms/ etc and then go for it. If that's not an option maybe base yourself somewhere like Inverness/ Spean Bridge where you can access east, west, north or islands as a day trip if needed.
There are loads of brilliant routes at the Severe and thereabouts all over Scotland - if you want some specific suggestions for areas then I'll happily give some as I'm sure others will, but there is soooo much to go at
isi_o - on 16 Jan 2013
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Oh, should have said - sea cliffs can be great to avoid midgies too... Neist, Elgol, Reiff, Sheigra, Caithness...
Gerry_Doncaster - on 17 Jan 2013
In reply to mikestr555: I've just booked us in for Torridon, Mike. Plenty to go at there, you won't be disappointed.
mikestr555 on 20 Jan 2013
Hi All thanks for advice,mike

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