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Topic - Workplace bullying of teachers by teachers 2

Mr Pinchy on 21 Jan 2013
Following on from an earlier thread where I was trying to get advice for my partner Jane who is being bullied at work:

Jane has subsequently decided that she does not want to involve the unions. She's doesn't think that will lead to a positive outcome. She's decided to apply for other jobs, but is fearful of getting a bad reference from the HT.

Just quitting altogether is risky as people will ask "why did you leave job X then?" I think that could be a difficult one to explain at a job interview or on an application form. But I do wonder if "in the grand scheme of things" that's the best thing to do. The problem is she shouldn't have to jeopardise her career like that.

I'm scared for her because I can see the amount of stress she is under and am worried she's going to break. I'm sorry to be a doomsayer, but this is really upsetting me.

Not sure what I'm really expecting from posting here. Just feel the need to vent.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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