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a crap climber - on 22 Jan 2013
I've decided to get a new belay jacket and have settled on the ME Citadel, a friend got one last year and it seems to be the warmest one around. Unfortunately I can't really get to a shop to try one on and will be ordering on-line, so can anyone comment on what the sizing is like? I'm 6'4 but stick-thin, so I was thinking XL. It'll have to fit over my climbing jacket - usually a Montane extreme smock, but I'm a bit worried it'll be either ridiculously baggy or too short. Obviously I can send it back if it's no good, but I'd rather get it right first time.

Simon_hosking on 22 Jan 2013
I am 6'4" pretty thin with quite broad shoulders, I have the citadel in a large and it fits perfectly. Not sure if you can, but finding an online supplier who is happy for you to return for a different size as unfortunately you don't know until you try it on.

In reply to a crap climber: Some comments on the sizing in my review: http://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/review.php?id=4444 Mtn Equipment's position is they have sized it to go over things so buy your normal size. I wonder if buying up a size isn't a bad idea if you rack gear on a bandolier or have ice clippers or similar on your harness.
Paul Crusher R - on 22 Jan 2013
In reply to a crap climber: Theyve got a couple at outdoor action blackburn, half price! :O Id get one myself but i bought half the shop the other day.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.