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Topic - Campervan Electrics

Hope someone can help me...
I have an Erberspacher heater for my van, but it requires 24v power to it. It needs 40W for running, but 500W (+/- 10%) at start up.
I'm trying to work out how best to do that, and have come up with the following ideas, could someone suggest if they'd be likely to work?

1 - buy a 12v to 24v transformer, rated at 500w. Run power from my 110Ah 12V batteries to the transformer, plug in the heater...job done.
2 - Buy 2x 12v to 24v transformers rated at 250W (cheaper than above) - some how wire them up to give 500w power? is that possible?

With either of the above two options, would the transformers always create 500W, thus draining my battery pretty quickly, or would they drop to the 40W as soon as the demand from the heater drops?

Option 3 - Wire two batteries in Series to give 24v power, linked to heater...job done - but would the batteries produce sufficient power for the start up? If not, with some funky wiring, could I set it up so that the Engine is on for start up, and then the continual running can be done off the batteries?

Sorry if I'm being really thick, or missing anything really obvious, I'm not a spark, and have very limited knowledge of electrical theory!



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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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