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Topic - Contract workers, help please?

Taurig - on 31 Jan 2013
Hey, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me? This morning I was emailed a copy of a one year contract by a recruitment agency, and there are a few items in it that I am not comfortable with. This is my first real job, never mind my first contract, so I'm hoping there might be some contract workers on here that could give me some advice?

As a bit of background whilst trying to remain anonymous, I recently had a successful interview with a large manufacturing company. I applied for the job online through an agency. Whilst the agency guy was talking about a yearly salary before the interview, after I was successful he was quick to point out that I would be paid on a daily rate basis as a contract worker, and my tax and NI etc. would go through an umbrella company. Simple enough, I thought.

However, in the contract I am listed as a 'Consultant', working for a company/'Serive Provider' registered in England and Wales, but with a head office at my home address in Scotland. Apparently they cannot pay me until I provide them with a copy of my company's Certificate of Incorporation, my company's bank details, and if applicable, my company's VAT registration certificate. What the hell?! Do I have to register a company? Do I need a business bank account to pay myself? All I want is to get paid!

The second thing is Conduct Regulations 2003. I had no idea what this was until this morning, but quickly found out that they wanted me to opt out. Through some internet research I have found that this could be a bad move, and indeed, in the current contract I cannot seek permanent employment with the manufacturing company without involving the recruitment agency for a year after the original contract expires. Pretty underhand if you ask me. Would you recommend I tell them I'm opting in?

Any help with this appreciated, I have a splitting headache from reading through this crap! I realise I could ask at least the first question to the agency, but having received this dubious contract mere days before I am supposed to start work, I kinda distrust them.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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