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Topic - Windows phones are utter rubbish!

LastBoyScout on 04 Feb 2013
So, my Dad has a new Nokia Lumia 610 and wants to change the ringtone to a piece of music he's had on all his other phones.

How card can that be, on a modern phone?

Well, it's easy enough to get the music off his old phone (older Nokia) by plugging the memory card into my laptop, or so I thought.

But to get it onto his new Lumia? Well, first I had to install Zune on my laptop to get the phone to show up at all (plugged my Samsung in and it appeared in Explorer without having to install anything). Then I discover that Zune won't recognise the file format of the music, so I give in and download an updated version from Amazon, which finally appears in Zune and I sync that to the phone.

From that point, you'd think it's just a case of going into the phone and either selecting "set as ringtone" from the music or the phone settings.

But no.

To get it as a ringtone, it has to be <40 seconds long (happily, what I'd downloaded was 32 seconds), not protected, less than 1Mb in length and the right format.

And then you have to hack about in Zune to change the genre to "ringtone", then it is supposed to appear in the ringtone list on the phone.

So now I need to find a way to chop the music down by 0.12 Mb, as it's still not appearing as a ringtone.

What a pile of crap!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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