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Topic - Any Vets online? Cat's got a sore leg....

Enty - on 05 Feb 2013
Our cat disappeared for 24h the other day. When it came back it was limping badly and had a big laceration across the back of it's rear right leg. (sort of between the pad and the big joint)
It's toes/claws and the pad were tilted upwards.

There's a vet down the road who's a mate of a mate and she came round, sprayed some iodine on it then stuck some elastoplast sticky bandage on it. She said remove the bandage, spray some more stuff on and if it doesn't get infected it should be fine.

Now, a day later I'm worried about the upward pointing claws, when you touch them there's no movement in them and it doesn't cause any pain. I had a hunch there was something wrong at the time but it's wierd - how does a stupid bloke like me question a vet? I've googled this and the symptoms look like a digital flexor tendon rupture. I thought that there might be tendon damage anyway.

The other thing is the bandage - she stuck the effin thing directly onto the fur? Is this normal? It's the really strong sticky stuff and we're thinking we might even have to take her to a vet just to have the bandage removed. We've been snipping the fur around the edge of the bandage with Mrs. Ents hairdressing scissors and it's taking all day. Cat seems to know we're helping and is being very cool about it.

Anyone care to comment? Looks like a trip to another vet.

Pissed off,

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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