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Topic - Methods of data (film/photo) back-up on long trips

matthewtraver - on 08 Feb 2013

I'm wondering if people have any advice/input on the best methods for backing up film/photos whilst away on a long trip? I may be without reliable access to computers/internet for 4-6 months and we will be shooting a fair amount of photo/film (maybe 150GB a week?), so I'm trying to figure out the best methods for backing up our data in-field? I haven't really found reliable sources of information on the net, but some options I'm considering are as follows:

- Small tablet with two USB outputs to connect a card reader and external hard drive or additional card reader. Basically using the tablet as the tool for exchanging/transfering data between the card reader and on to the external hard drive (SSD)/larger memory card. It seems larger memory cards may be cheaper than external SSD drives.
- Using a 'portable card storage back up device' - these seem very expensive and with low storage capacity for our needs.
- Using DSLR/camcorders with dual SD card slots, so we can record/shoot back ups automatically.

I can't really decide what's the most reliable option? Does anybody have any set ups they can recommend or currently use? I figure any storage device has to be SSD as the disk drive (either an external or a large memory card) will get a heavy battering...

Any thoughts appreciated.


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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