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Topic - Climbing games series #2

Žiga Janež - on 11 Feb 2013
New pair of climbing games for kids.

I use this game at the beginning of training (after warm up). All that you have to do is to mark the starting hold of a boluder line and the top (last hold) of it. Usually I use finger tape for markers.
Kids have to start and end with climbing at the marked holds. Between them they can use any holds, foot steps, edges, ... If they are good climbers you can limit holds by color, use only foot steps for foot or limit the number of holds that they can use.
Value: visualization, warm-up

Hide & Find
You will need some items which you are going to hide all over the wall. I am using plastic cap (many different colors). Give that cap to each child. He have to remember the color, shape and give it back to you. Than all the kids must turn their back and wait for you to hide all plastic caps. You are placing caps on the holds all over the wall. Depending how good climbers they are more you hide them (higher, more hidden). When you are done every kid must find his own cap. If they are good climbers they must search them while climbing. When kid finds his cap he must climb to it take it and bring it to you. You can also make pairs. One kid is hiding the cap another is searching for it. Kids really love this game.
Value: endurance, adaptability

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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