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Topic - Windchill effect on snow/ice

smuffy on 14 Feb 2013
Obviously we as living creatures feel the windchill effect on our extremities so one would assume that the exterior surfaces of snow and ice(or water) would also be altered by that same effect.Is this true?

Does water get chilled by wind chill or will it only freeze if the air temperature surrounding it is 0 degrees or below?

It's quite common to see snow fall on unfrozen turf, which in turn can freeze but then create an unbonded pack as the ground temperature is insulated and is actually warmer than the air temperature on the outside of the snow pack. But.....if temperatures are a couple of degrees above but wind speeds are high, will the crust freeze and if so would this then conduct through the snow pack and meet the conducted warmer temperatures from the un - frozen ground.........thus creating molecular changes that result in better bonding of layers???

Thermal dynamics are not my specialty before you ask although I do work with very high temperature engineering. Air speed or wind speed would not affect heat transferral at high temps apart from the distribution of that heat so I'm guessing that at cold temps the same rule would apply???
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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