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Premier Post - FS: Project - VW Danbury high top campervan

Cash on 15 Feb 2013
Price: 750

I'm listing this on behalf of my brother who has been 'getting around to it' for ages! The van is currently off road parked on my mam's drive in Nottingham (NG7 postcode). The following has been texted to me so you will need to view the van in person to confirm.

It is a 2 litre 1981, Danbury air-cooled hi-top VW in burgundy and white. It was used regularly including several trips to Germany for the footie. Approx 135,000 miles on the clock.

It has no tax and no mot but runs well however hasn't been off the drive for probably 18 months.

Has a sink, cooker and fidge plus double bed and standard Danbury stuff.

Needs a clean up and work done on it. It has rust in places, think wheel arch and door. My brother is going to email me some photos hopefully in the next few days.

Sensible offers will be considered.
scotclimb - on 21 Feb 2013
In reply to cash: can you send me some pics please.
Cash on 21 Feb 2013
In reply to scotclimb:
Hi, my brother has assued me photos will be taken this weekend and they'll be sent out, cheers
Cash on 25 Feb 2013
In reply to cash:
really sorry for the delay, the van IS still for sale but the photos haven't been done yet! I hope to have them emailed out on Tuesday night to those who have emailed me.

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