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Topic - Where can I get URGENT health consultation in London (heart)?

OneLifeOneHeart - on 26 Feb 2013
I realize my nickname is quite ironic now...

I will be very quick:
I am in mid 20s and need to know whether I did something wrong to my heart ASAP.

I live in London since 2 years and have been generally quite sedentary due to my work. About a year ago I started hiking and brisk walking at least once a week as I felt it would keep me fit. I also have an issue with my back but that's not the problem. I soon started climbing.

But I have been overweight for the past 2 years now and I realized that my walking and hiking however was not enough. My weight pulls me when climbin.

This weekend I started a new routine hoping it would help me burn more fat for the rest of the week (I have no time for fitness during weekdays):
- brisk walking during morning (cardio)
- climbing wall for 3-4 hours right after that (anaerobic)
- midnight walking up and down stairs for an hour.

Saturday was great and I felt invincible on Sunday.

Sunday after finishing I felt good, too, but at night my heart rate stayed the same... and I feel very weird, lightheaded, difficult to breathe...easily tired.
And Monday too.

I dont know what to do. I started reading some info online and it's written that it is very dangerous for people who are normally to suddenly do strenous exercise.

I am scared as hell now, really really afraid, and I need to talk to a doctor as soon as possible - no matter the money, I just want to make sure all is ok....

Please if you have any info please help!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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