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Topic - 10k run but messed up training

flopsicle - on 28 Feb 2013
I'm open to opinion on this. I started running to get fitter for climbing at the back end of Nov (also packed up smoking at the same time).

Initially I was running 2 or 3 times a week on a 2 mile route with a flppin' big hill. I did some much longer runs after about a month but as they were X country, on clay mud and hills the distance was both impossible to measure and ever so slightly irrelevant. I tried some flat running to get a gauge for where I was at but messed up my clothing, was cold and mind numbingly bored. I ran 3 miles, didn't doubt I could have gone round again but was far too bored and cold.

I find that I've been happier on tough ground, hills, mud, anything that keeps my head in it, where as on the flat I feel sapped and unmotivated.

Anyway along the way I entered a 10k which is now on Sunday. Over the last 3 weeks I've hardly run at all just due to timing, wanting to climb more and (if I'm honest) the freezing wind.

I'm in 2 minds whether to dump the 10K due to lack of prep or show up and see how it goes?

Generally speaking I'm not prone to injury and get away with doing daft stuff, at 42 I've done a lot of daft stuff so this is a statement from experience, however I fully realise that eventually age catches up even if I do feel as though I have daft stuff left in me. I've always been very active and 'feel' as though there's a weird residual fitness from years working a physical job many moons ago. I would not run through real pain, I'd stop.

It's all paid for, my number has arrived, care for my daughter is arranged, I can just turn up and play it by ear. I would appreciate the thoughts of those with more running experience though, I'd rather it inspire me again than snap me!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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