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Topic - Moutaing Boots Fitting - Spantiks

stevetaylor20 - on 01 Mar 2013
Hi guys,

Any help would be great, i'm getting to the end of my patience! To give you an overview i've done climbing and things but have signed up for Denali without ever having had a pair of high altitude boots before, so bare in mind my experience of these boots are limited to say the least. So I tried in a shop the boreal g1 lites, they felt very good but I thought near the toes they were too narrow, unfortunately. I then tried on spantiks, can't remember the size but they felt a bit tight. The shop then mailed me out another larger size of the spantiks. They arrived and the box says they are UK 12.5 /47. The labels on the boots actually say they are UK 12 / 47. So my first question is what size are they? Nobody seems to be able to tell me. My other question is that I went to scotland (nevis) with these and got back heel blisters on both. During the time I tried tightening the boots loads but then I found it restricted too much my movement uphill with crampons, and loosening them, nothing helped. I use a thin liner and a mid-weight sock. I've been told to get some superfeet and get them moulded. Now I don't want to mould them if i'm going to sell them, i'd guess. I also want to make sure I go to Denali without getting stupid blisters.

Does anyone have any advice? Shoudl I sell them an start from scratch, if so what size do I say they are when I sell them?!

If ANYBODY knows of someone in UK that knows everything about boots and can PROPERLY fit some for me please let me know oka. I'm in London but am open to elsewhere.

Any advice would be great
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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