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Topic - Do badgers eat chickens?

Denni on 01 Mar 2013
Evening all,
We have 3 chickens, Marge, Peggy and Margaret (I realise this information is irrelevant!), and they are in a fox proof Eglu chicken house with run and then an outer perimeter fence, stalag 13 we affectionately call it.

Anyway, just putting them to bed at dusk and I saw this little set of eyes staring at me so I thought it was our local fox which doesn't bother us or the chickens so we leave it be.

Anyway, turns out to be a bloody huge badger in a bit of a huff. We squared up to each other and he ran off. Turned on the outside lights and he has been digging at the back of the fence. I doubt he will get in as it is angled at the bottom to stop anything going under it but back to my question, if it gets hold of one (my darling 3 year old and wife sometimes takes it upon themselves to forget to lock them up at night...) of them will it have it for tea?

Judging by the size of it, I reckon it will eat anything!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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