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Topic - Deer culling

mockerkin on 11 Mar 2013
According to recent surveys we have too many deer in the UK. The media say 1.5 million although other surveys a couple of years ago said that there were more. They cause much damage, by eating farmers crops and upland and forestry plants and by causing road accidents. So they need to be culled.
The gamekeepers are up in arms. They say that thousands of jobs will be lost, including stalkers jobs, if there are thousands fewer deer. That may or may not be so but if there are fewer deer then they are going to be harder to find and so the stalkers fees will rise. Money will be saved as less deer will mean less of the problems they cause.
There will be an influx of venison into the meat market, but wild hill deer are not always in the best condition as opposed to farmed deer so their meat is inferior. Where will that end up? Pet food, ready made meals,
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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