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Topic - It is hard to top the satisfaction

Tim Chappell - on 11 Mar 2013
Of looking at a big white snowy hill with a nice golden cornicey feature, saying to yourself "Right, I'm leaving a whole series of wedel Ses right down the middle of that feature"--and then climbing it, finding the feature, and doing exactly what you planned.

This was on Mt Blair in mid-Glenshee, and my wedel marks were clearly visible from the A93. I'm ridiculously proud of this :-0

Overall the skiing on Mt Blair today was extremely uneven. It's snowed a lot and it was very cold (consistently about minus 4 for several days recently), but the E wind has stripped it and so has the sun, so a lot of it was just frozen rimed-up turf, a lot of it was ripples of hard ice. But the western aspect was loaded almost to avalanche point with fluffy powder, and that's where the cornicey thing was, so after a bit of exploration that's where I went. Having found the delicious 700 ft high powder field I was looking for, below the golden cornice, I climbed back up nearly to the top so I could ski it from top to bottom. And it was just extraordinarily good. Among the best five minutes' skiing I've ever had, and well worth driving 50 minutes in each direction and taking 30 minutes to walk up the hill.

The roundtrip time from Dundee was 4 hours almost exactly. The original idea was lunch-break skiing in the Sidlaws, but I could see when I drove up to Tullybaccart that that wasn't going to work too well... so I kept going. Quite some lunch-break :-) Next up I think I'll emulate Mr Gatherer, and see if I can get up and down Ben Tirran before 10am!

I did see some other ski-tracks on Mt Blair--was that any of you guys?

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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