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Topic - Is it / isn't it in? A solution?

Exile - on 12 Mar 2013
Having this season pointed out an out of condition ascent of Engineer Slab, (on here,) but also climbed Chock Gully which although basically a snow / ice gully involved a crux on dry rock, I have been asking myself what is / isn't in - what was actually the difference?

I was happy with my Chock Gully ascent, (I was reassured on here, and locally, that they crux is very often dry rock,) and firmly believe that the highlighted ascent of Engineers was not in winter condition - but both involved climbing dry rock - what is the difference?

Thankfully for my peace of mind I found that Guy Robinson, in his post relating to Dave McLeods new Ben Nevis routes, put into words what I couldn't in relation to different types of uk winter routes:

Is this how most people see it?

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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