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Topic - Calling Physicists Part Deux - Which Uni?

Rob Exile Ward on 14 Mar 2013
Not least following advice received here in the past, No 2 son now needs to decide which uni as first choice, he wants to do a Physics MSc, though he's not currently sure which area - tiny, medium, astro - he will specialise in. Probably not astro; and FWIW his maths is pretty sound. So, how to choose between Lancaster, Manchester, Birmingham or UCL? (Leeds is probably safety).

To be fair to the boy he's done quite a bit of research into the different unis, but he's at the stage when different sources assign different and contradictory rankings. FWIW it seems to me if he gets a decent degree from any of those and has enjoyed his 4 years, the difference between them will be pretty small and anyway, reputations/staff may change over 4 years in a way that we can't predict (chaos theory!)

However, I stand to be corrected, so any informed contributions to the discussion will be welcome.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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