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Topic - Dangerous driver and confrontational cyclists

the power - on 19 Mar 2013
bit of a rant more than anything but here goes,while out road cyling this morning me and my cyling buddy were overtaken very very close by a van,of course we responded with the usual shouts and hand gestures then about a half mile further on the road we came accross the same van at the side of the road with two men sat in it the driver was on the phone,i being the confrontational person that i am pulled up and tryed to talk to the driver who wound his window up gave me two fingers and mouthed "f" off, i then opened his door to have it out with him reached over and turned his engine off where upon he got out of the van and squared up to me shouting in my face about what he was going to do to me etc so i gave him a bit of a shove back and some your probably thinking that i am a ladys front bottom but what happened next was unbeliveable he shouts im going the run you over jumps in the van and drives at us at speed mounts the grass verge runs over my mates bike that he only just jumped off in time then does the same with me narrowly missing me and my bike.then the icing on the cake we are at the side of the road trying to straiten the wheel enough so we could roll home when the police pull up and take our details because the bloke has hmade a complaint about us!!!!!!!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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