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Topic - Core exercises for back problems

Si dH - on 24 Mar 2013
Hi all, my wife has been having back trouble recently and the Dr and physio have both said she needs to strengthen her core. Seems sensible as she has an office job and outside of work is writing a book, so spends a lot of time sitting. However the 4 exercises prescribed by the Dr are just 3 variants on sit ups, and leg raises. This concerns me as ive always thought sit ups could be bad for your back, and that you were better off doing crunches, and various static exercises such as the plank. Certainly I have tended to stick to variations on crunches, planks and leg raises over the years and it has served me well, but ive never had a bad back. I dont want to contradict the Dr unless im sure im right. Are there any experrts out there?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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