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Topic - New Touring Bindings - Advice?

tinks - on 26 Mar 2013
I recently bought a pair of marker tour F10 bindings to go with some Fisher X-Ceed skis, and have been using them for a few days. I am always very nervous with new, good quality equipment so maybe I'm just being paranoid, however I'd like to be able to check a few things with people who know more than I do.

I have noticed some sqeaking coming from the binding (or the ski). Is this normal when settling in? The toe of my ski boot can also wiggle up and down, seemingly more after riding for a while - is this likley to mean the binding needs to be tighter? How tight should the binding be lengthways?

Also I'd like to know if these bindings are suitable for downhill piste. I'm quite a rough skier on piste and am just concerned about damaging them. Is there anything else I should avoid doing?

Sorry for all the questions, I just don't want to ruin a great new set of bindings!

Thanks very much
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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