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Topic - UKC fit club week 315

biscuit - on 31 Mar 2013
UKC Fit Club is not a substitute for the training diary but to use with ( or without ) it as a motivational tool for all.

For those wanting to find out more about training for climbing a number of physical training articles here:

A new thread is posted each week on Sunday for anyone to jot down their previous week's activity, noting goals, successes and failures and to swap ideas.

Anyone interested in starting is very welcome but you should aim to post each week, every week, however little or much you have done. By making such a regular public record of your activities and by restating your goals every week this new habit will hopefully improve your training habits to help achieve your goals whatever the level of your chosen activity.

Link to last week's (314) thread:


Ali – HMMM Cake ! Great week though. Rewards are needed for your hard work. Don't punish yourself.
Daniel Heath – In Spain ?
deacondeacon – I knew i'd seen another skateboarder on here recently. It's partly what made me go out and get one again. My 35 euro board is way better than anything I had 20(+) yrs ago. So responsive. In fact too responsive for learning again. I had to tighten the wheels and trucks up. Got a 360 this week and can crack out stationery ollies again. This week I want to try a moving ollie . I feel like a teenager again. Until the next day when everything hurts.Hadn't thought of the carrying on until you complete the 50 and then work on taking the time down. Good one.
grubes – Forget the climbing....Sasha ! Great holiday mate. Keep the psyche and keep moving forward.
Si dH – Hope you're fully recovered. Being ill and cranking out 100 pull ups is v impressive.
NMN – How was the outdoor coaching session ? Did you get much out of it and have you got any goals from it ?
AJM – Everyone else who puts as much effort into training as you do seems to improve. I am sure ( if ) when the weather improves you will crush.
Nomics4sale – Brilliant result, but Grubes trumps you with his Sasha sighting.
Eagle River – Good to hear you state it 'out loud'. I am sure you'll get it this year and nice one on not going for the obvious route. Toadal sounds much more doable for you.
leon – Ill ? You did something every day I think. Obviously not man flu. Good effort with a busy week and being under the weather.
DoctorU – not looked at your fatloss calculator but bear in mind that as your bodyweight decreases that affects the %. 50% of 100kg is 50kg of lean mass. 50% of 80kg is 40kg of lean mass. Hope kaly goes well.
JimmyKay – Weak and ill. Pathetic….
mattrm – Did you make 12st and is the loft done ?
Kevster – 32 in 5 great start. Get to it ! 7c or 8a ? Make a decision and go for it !
IainRUK – Let us know how it went. You get to some amazing places to run, and also some crap ones I remember, like in circles round airports.
maria85 – No commitments, shower at work, willing boyfriend, never work late ? You should be doing more :-p
Exile – Good dedication there. No excuses accepted and you just got on with it. Quaity rest and diet – v important.
pork pie girl – Any news ? I hope it's good and you're cycling and climbing away in sunny France.
Luke Owens – Looks to me like you need some new goals :0)
kylieo – We all have good weeks and bad weeks. A lot of the point of this thread is to get you through the down times as well as congratulating you on the good times.
biscuit –
Joughton – Have a great time in France. I am expecting a great report as usual.
mrchewy – You'll never climb a 7a if you don't get on a 7a goes the old adage. Great to see your amazing attitude at the moment. As you say getting to the top won't remain a problem for long.
Haych – How can you do all that and only lose a pound ? In fact more to the point how can you do all that ? Inspiring.
Sankey – how was the trip ? 7A in the bag ? Working your weak style will never be a bad thing. It just feels like it.
Twigger – Good 10k time. You can't rate a training session on the quality of totty, can you ?
Ally Smith – I missed that you're off to Spain. Hope the weather was good for you. Ski trip sounded good. You can ski in Granada and climb in the sun down here :0) Hope the girlfriend trauma is resolved one way or the other. At least you will know where you stand.

It's been a while but it's good to do it once in a while and really catch up on where everyone is. Lots of people doing lots of good stuff.

I'll post my average week later.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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