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Jules King - on 02 Apr 2013
Can anyone suggest some good routes for younger kids in Cornwall, setting aside Sennen area. Is there anything at Chair Ladder for e.g.? Exciting but not objectively dangerous.
Skip - on 02 Apr 2013
In reply to Jules King:

Try Halldrine Cove, next to Bosigran. Slab climbs low grades, good protection, all "top rope-able". It's also a very pleasant place with good picknick spots and reasonably easy approach.

Not in Rockfax though. There is a downloadable topo - http://www.climbers-club.co.uk/downloads/Halldrine-Cove.pdf
Jules King - on 02 Apr 2013
In reply to Skip:
Thanks, perfect location.
Jamie Wakeham - on 02 Apr 2013
In reply to Jules King: if they're young, do be ready to protect them over the traverse to the start of the routes if you're doing anything left of Geological Groove. There are a couple of good niches you can belay them to and them have them wait for you to traverse over to yourself.

And check the tides for the lower level traverse!
helix - on 05 Apr 2013
In reply to Jules King:
I presume you have considered Bosi itself? Landward Cliff has good options starting with Alison Rib and working upwards. Not as exciting as Chair Ladder admittedly ....
Slarti B on 06 Apr 2013
In reply to Jules King:
I think the approaches to Chair Ladder and the tidal base are not really suitable for younger kids. Plus the routes are all multi pitch.

I would second Bosigran, easy walk in to Alison Rib area and some nice single and multi pitch V Diffs with good feeling of exposure. If you fancy a longer walk in, the Red Slab area at the end has got some nice easier routes and more of a cliff climbing feel.
Chris H - on 06 Apr 2013
In reply to Jules King: There is a very easy slab at the top of pinnacle buttress at Chair Ladder which is easy to get to - its only Mod/Diff - ideal for absolute beginners - not much else at CL without scary descents.
Tom Last - on 06 Apr 2013
In reply to Jules King:

Working clockwise from the southeast. Certainly not exclusive and please take with a pinch of salt as I'm not a frightened 5 year old, but these are all good and could be suitable.

Trewavas (easy access, lots at all grades)
St Loy (almost the perfect crag, but not much very east stuff)
Porthguarnon East (very good tiered crag, lots away from the sea, brambly approach)
Penberth (very mellow short pitches, quite close to sea but a good bet. Lots of easy stuff)
Logan Rock (amazing headland with lots of stuff high above the sea. Quite lichenous and few recorded easy routes, but plenty of 'climb anywhere' variety. Amazing cool place, ll feel like an adventure just going there - recommended)
Pednvounder (not much recorded easy stuff, but it does exist -nudist beach though)
Chair Ladder Ash Can Gully (Cave Route HS is good fun & nowhere near the sea. Possibly scrambly approach?)
Carn Boel (I took my very inexperienced at the time girlfriend to do Longships Ridge. Small step down on the approach and a bit of exposure, but the best single pitch diff in Penwith imho and with a proper sea cliff feel. Miles above the sea, but exposed)
Sennen Obviously
John Wayne Memorial Crag (can't recall exactly, but I think this is non-tidal. Short easy pitches, nothing that great, but quiet and good outlook)
Rosemergy Ridge (plenty of easy climb anywhere stuff. Miles from the sea, beautiful, recommended)
Brandy's Slabs (awkward approach, suitable once you're there)
Bosigran Alison Rib area (A good bet)
Tom Last - on 06 Apr 2013
In reply to Jules King:

That's Carn Boel by the way, not Carn Les Boel (not somewhere you'd want to take them. Come to think of it, Carn Boel is probably a bit far out unless you're a very adventurous kid.
Tom Last - on 06 Apr 2013
In reply to Jules King:

Should have read that that list is "not exhaustive" not "not exclusive".

Typing fast, sorry
gonggashan - on 26 Apr 2013
Below st Loys theres a 'hidden' slab with diff - vdiff - severe grade climbs, not in my guidebook but lovely routes

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