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Premier Post - 'FLASH GRABS' at Awesome Walls Climbing Centres

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It's not every day that you can get a good deal or a bargain but here at Awesome Walls we want to introduce you to 'FLASH GRABS'

What is a 'FLASH GRAB' I hear you ask... Well, a 'FLASH GRAB' is an offer that we'll put on Facebook for a short period of time then take it off. It's upto you to 'GRAB' it while it's 'FLASHED' up!

Example 1 'FLASH GRAB' a free hot drink when paying to climb between 17:00 and 19:00 on Wednesday 10th April 2013.

Example 2 'FLASH GRAB' a free climb on Sunday 14th when paying to climb on Saturday 13th.

Many different offers and deals will be posted on Facebook or our Website via the 'FLASH GRABS'

Simply do a screen shot on your phone to capture it or print it off. Once we've deleted it off Facebook you wont see it in your timeline again.

IMPORTANT- The way Facebook statistics works only 1 in 20 people who 'LIKE' Awesome Walls will see a 'FLASH GRAB'. You can be guaranteed to see 'FLASH GRABS' if you opt for 'notifications' (hover mouse over the 'Like' button and a box will appear, click on 'notifications').

If you want your friends to get the same great deals please 'Share' this and make sure they 'Like' us and opt for the 'notifications'.

You don't have to be on Facebook to receive 'FLASH GRABS' as we'll be placing them on our blog occasionally

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Latest Sheffield News Piece
The first 'FLASH GRAB' has just gone live on Facebook Friday 12th April 2013 16:00. It will stay up a couple of hours and will then be deleted.

Happy Grabbing folks!

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FLASH GRAB #02 has just gone live on Facebook (17:00 14/04/13).

Grab it, like it, share it and use it!

This 'FLASH GRAB' will be deleted soon!

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duchessofmalfi - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls:

what on earth makes you think this is worth the annoyance factor?
Hello Duchessofmalfi,

It's just something a bit different that I thought we'd try.

Sorry if it's annoyed you.

Dave Douglas
Awesome Walls Climbing Centres
BenPitt - on 16 Apr 2013
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls:

I personally think this is a good idea and offers good incentives to get to the wall more. Good on you!

If you don't want to see the messages you can always not click on the link...
Grumble - on 17 Apr 2013
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls: it's a great idea!
In reply to BenPitt & Grumble:

Thanks for your support.

More 'FLASH GRABS' coming soon!

Dave D.
duchessofmalfi - on 17 Apr 2013
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls:

Why not offer free cups of tea (or whatever) to everyone?

What possible benefit to you or the wider world is there in involving facebook?

Sure facebook tells you this is a good idea but then facebook is driven to drum up as much traffic as possible or face becoming friends reunited. All you're doing is wasting bandwidth and people's time with the facebook aspect (and that is what UKC is for surely?).
In reply to duchessofmalfi:

Facebook is a medium used by the majority of climbing centres and it works for us.

You and everyone else can get your free cup of tea here-

Thanks for the input.

Dave Douglas

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