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Topic - Sensible taxation - what would you introduce?

wilkie14c - on 15 Apr 2013
Death and taxes, the only thing guaranteed in life eh

I'd do away with 'road tax'. Working from an average mileage of 1000 miles per month, the equivilant duty would then be placed on fuel. Yes, fuel would go up <again!> but no more road tax. A fleet car doing doing 35k per annum will pay more in duty than the family of 2.4 children doing 12k. Those that use the roads the most, pay the most. What of the staff involved in admin of the discs then? Well they'd still have a job as there would need to be an exemption system in place for 'other' pertol/diesel users. A photo ID would be required on a sort of swipe card and each time you purchased a gallon of petrol for your boat/mower/stove etc the card would be swiped at the petrol station and you'd get the fuel at a slightly reduced rate up until your annual exemption allowance was reached. Full price after that.

Good food will attract a reduced rate of VAT, shit food gets the highest to subsidise the other side. Fruit and veg, fresh cuts of meat, pasta, rice etc all falling in the lower VAT bracket, McDonalds, KFC, Red bull and some ready meals attracting the highest along with salty and sugary snacks. The aims being to encourage better, healthier eating and reduction of obesity.

Alcohol sold in shops for consumption at home would carry a higher tax than alcohol sold in pubs. The off licence subsidising the pub then. Bit of a contradiction here as I'm trying to get folk to eat better but at the same time encouraging them to go to the pub! Pubs are dying on their feet though and we need to keep the industry afloat purely from an income point of view. A drinker is a drinker right?

It's just for fun and may never work in the real world but what taxation schemes would you devise?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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