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girlymonkey - on 15 Apr 2013
So, I am in need of a new exped rucksack. The one I currently have now causes me a lot of pain since I lost weight, it digs in too much at the small of my back.
I think I want something around 55l - 60l, but my main thing is that I don't like all the 'structural' stuff that they put in large rucksacks. It just adds extra weight. I want a really simple bag, that is light weight.
I realise I'd still have to try them on for fit etc, but just wanting a starting point for looking, as I'm drawing a bit of a blank.
alexgoodey on 15 Apr 2013
What's your budget?
CurlyStevo - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:
"I think I want something around 55l - 60l"

Are you sure you need a sac that big?
roperat - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:
Try a POD. Different back lengths and generally just a bag with a hole at the top and a lid. Perfect.
girlymonkey - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to alexgoodey: as little as possible!! When it comes to it though, I'll pay what it costs to get the right thing. I am very aware that being on the small side of tiny, my joints aren't meant to carry too much weight on a regular basis, so getting something light, without all the OTT structuring around the back, is my main priority. I'm coming into busy season work wise so can save up a bit for the right thing if needs be.
girlymonkey - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to CurlyStevo: In summer I probably don't, could get away with less, but in winter I get so cold that I carry lots of kit. When snowholing a few weeks back I took a 50l and it was a real struggle to get it all in, to the extent that I was too hot on the walk out as I couldn't be bothered trying to force another layer into the bag.
girlymonkey - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to roperat: Thanks, will look at them
hokkyokusei - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to roperat:

+1 for PODsac, I have an Alpine 50 and it's very versatile. The roll top closure means you can get a lot of stuff in there when you really have to.
m0unt41n on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey: +2 POD Sac (Black Ice) or Crux AK47 Both simple, bomb proof. Black Ice can strip it right down.
gear boy on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:
What bag do you have at the moment?

you say it digs in. does it have Aluminium bars for support? if so these can be shaped to fit better maybe.

sizes are just a gauge, each manufacturer measures up differently, when buying a new sack its a good idea to go in with what you expect to carry and pack it to check it all fits in, plus you then have the benefit of trying it on with your usual load to check comfort. shoulder straps and hipbelts all vary, if you are slight of frame then POD may not suit,

Best bet go shopping, open mind, try them out, if nothing local, go a bit further afield

Neil Pratt - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:

If you're looking for lightweight, have you have a look at the new Montane bags - they've just added a 55l bag to the range, which I haven't seen 'in the flesh' as yet, but I did get a look at the 40l sac the other day, and it looks a very nice piece of kit indeed.
John_Hat - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:

We were looking for similar for Lady Blue recently, and ended up with an Osprey Ariel 65 women's fit rucksack, but they come in 55l flavours as well.

Fit-wise, we spent some time trying to get the Lowe alpine women's fit to work and it didn't work with her at all, but the Osprey fitted immediately and she loves it.
Dauphin - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:

Granite Gear. Personally found Osprey fit really well but they weigh far more than I'm prepared to accept and too many straps & toggles.

peas65 - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:

I have a classic macpac pursuit and it is great, nothing fussy, bomber and no structure to the back. Best exped bag ive ever had.
the real slim shady - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey: I just got an osprey exos 58, its only 1.15 kg for a medium, could be an idea?

the pack does have a lot of straps, and I did look round it to see what I could cut off, but I looked and looked and ecided I could easily use all of the different bits


markk - on 16 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:

Try Aguille - http://www.aiguillealpine.co.uk/shop/4/15/index.htm

Brilliant sacks from a friendly UK company that makes their gear on site.

The do a range of back lengths, including a ladies specific fit and, if you pop in to see them in the Lakes where they'r ebased, they'll modify/ make a custom sack if you want something more (or less) than they have off the shelf.

They made a bag for me earlier in the year and I couldn't recommend them more highly!
ccmm on 16 Apr 2013 - whois?
In reply to peas65:

Macpac for durability and comfort when carrying weight. I've seen too many AK47s looking the worse for wear after a busy season.
andyco13 - on 16 Apr 2013
girlymonkey - on 16 Apr 2013
In reply to andyco13: I'm liking the look of the Pod sacs, particularly this black ice one. Sadly nowhere local seems to stock them for me to try. Anyone in the Stirling area with one that I could come and look at?!
roddyp on 16 Apr 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:

One other suggestion : OMM Villain 45+10


Very lightweight, lots of external stowage options if you run out of internal space, and the back 'padding' doubles as extra padding/insulation under a sleeping mat. I've used mine for about 18 months for mostly summer camping/winter walking.

Best feature of all : hip belt pockets for jellybabies.
llechwedd - on 16 Apr 2013
In reply to the real slim shady:
I'd second the exos- used a 46L one last year for a 4 month trip. Packing light, it just about coped with 4 -5 days' food. Very comfortable, lightweight, looks a bit flimsy, probably not one to dump it uncontrolled onto rocks. One compression buckle broke on the base of it but would still recommend it for long trips. wouldn't climb with it though.

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