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Topic - BMC Members Survey

The Green Giant - on 16 Apr 2013

Reading the article about the BMC appointing a Hill Walking officer to their team. I fully support this, but what I was more interested in was part of the article which wrote; 'In the latest BMC membership survey, 62% said hill walking was their primary mountain-related activity.'. I'm surprised that what has started off as a predominately climbing based organisation has managed to sign up so many members of the walking community (obviously people do both!).

But to have 62% of people who have walking as there mountain-related activity, makes me wonder a few things. First of all, am I over thinking this and the sentence is only talking about people who use the mountains, and not crags/boulders/anything else people can get their hands on.

Secondly, is this survey really a direct representation of the BMCs membership? Could it be possible that you could draw a positive correlation between people who prefer hill walking to climbing (say due the nature of the sports) to people who and the willingness/time to fill in the survey?

Thirdly, it could mean exactly what it says and there really is roughly 62% of people who walk as their primary activity in the BMC. In which case does that mean 'climbers' are less inclined (then why?) to join the BMC than 'walkers' or does that mean 'climbers' that are part the BMC would choose walking over climbing. The latter, to be honest, doesn't sound like many climbers that I know.

Am I making sense? Can anyone else come up with a reason why this is the case?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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