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Topic - Just discovered I have low arch/flat feet - consequences?

OneLifeOneHeart - on 21 Apr 2013
Well, as some of you might know, I started climbing about half a year ago as a sort of "level up" from my long-distance walking and hiking which had become the only physical activity I could do ever since I got a back strain injury about 6-8 years ago which never healed and had a series of other consequences on my health.
(I think this injury was partly caused by my irregular levels of activity, i.e. I would be 100% sedentary for 8 months, gain lots of weight, and then do intense activity especially to try getting leaner again...
However, I never got any problem while hiking or long-distance walking in cities, sightseeing, etc.).

Today I wanted to buy new walking shoes and went to a shop which had some special foot-analyzing equipment. They told me I had low arch or flat feet!
Now, THIS is something I never knew I had, and I remember having read somewhere that back injuries can actually be caused by flat feet.
Trying those "flat feet shoes" caused some unease in my whole body, and I don't know whether that's because I am now used to a specific balance.

Anyway, knowing this adds a whole new dimension into my understanding of what has been going on with my body, and explains why despite having a very good endurance when walking (I can walk continuously for hours, even whole days with just the necessary rest) I sometimes have strange pains...

But apart from that... What do you think could be the consequences in terms of mountaineering and climbing? Will I need a specific type of climbing shoes as well? And hiking boots?

Do others here have this kind of condition and did they need to adjust their equipment accordingly?

An unfit but ambitious young guy...
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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