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Topic - Can you fundamentally change who you are?

Taurig - on 22 Apr 2013
Bit of a vague question, I know, but what do you think?

I don't mean things like changing job, deciding you're going to get to bed earlier, eat more fruit etc. I mean at a fundamental, deep level, deciding that you are unwilling to continue your life with the same attitudes, habits, values, mental processes and basic interaction with reality that you have done during your life so far.

If it helps to see what I mean, I'm asking this question as a late twenty-something who is really just exhausted and fed up with living with the same neurotic thoughts, personal habits, fears and deep sense of unease that arise on a day to day basis. We all have out burdens to bear, I know mine is overthinking, overanalysing and taking negative thoughts from my own mind as truth. When I say fed up with living, don't think I'm going to end it all, life is too short already and I don't see the point in making it shorter, I just want to get the most out of it!

So what do you think? If you have lived your entire life with deeply ingrained mental habits, is it too late or just too hard to change? Do you need to go 'find yourself' on a rainforest trek, or can you make a conscious effort here and now to ignore the aspects of your psyche that you hate, and foster new, positive processes? Or am I just going through the somewhat documented quarter-life crisis, and I should just shut up, realise everyone goes through the same sh*t time at some point, and get on with it?

Very interested to hear your thoughts and experiences. Sorry for getting a bit deep on a Monday, but no time like the present eh?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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