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Topic - Do it all cyclocross frame... what would you get?

mike kann - on 30 Apr 2013
Hi all, I'm thinking about ditching my old secondhand alu specialised for various reasons - it's a harsh ride, it doesn't quite fit me right, the brakes are dire, even after upgrading them to full v brakes and it doesn't have lugs, so if I ever want to do touring with it I have to rely on one of those annoying cantilever racks which waves around in the breeze.

So my decisions need to be based on:

-it has full disc mounts
-it has a softer ride than my alu frame
-it handles well primarily off road - I use it as a drop bar 29er effectively that is light enough for road rides too
-it has lugs for racks although this isn't THAT much of a priority - I'm thinking maybe a carbon frame and I know I wont get lugs on one of them
-doesn't cost the earth

To that end I'm looking at either a steel frame or a carbon frame, built up as a monster crosser, i.e. larger than 35mm tyres, probably 38 or 40.

I've been looking at On One and planet X, and Genesis. I guess the absolute max I'd be able to spring for the frame would be 400 quid.

In terms of Carbon I worry about durability, but with steel there's a big weight penalty - kind of the opposite ends of the spectrum.

So what would you guys be going for?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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